Attempted merge of documents and lost citations

Hi I have attempted to merge 2 word documents each with references from the same endnotes library. I did the following:

  1. Open each chapter document and in the EndNote tab of each, click on ‘Convert Citations and Bibliography’ > ‘Convert to Unformatted Citations’.
  2. Copy and paste your documents together into one final document.
  3. Ensuring that your corresponding EndNote library or libraries are open, in this final document click on ‘Update Citations and Bibliography’.

on doing so it listed lost citations (mainly websites) that it couldnt find (sorry cant recall exact phrase) i had the option to ignore or cancel the merge. The citations were referred to by their authors name and a #number). I ignored all to proceed and he merge happened.
the references i ignored are now still visible in the text but with { }. they arent in the combined reference list and now not visible in the endnotes library

Im guessing i had entered them into the library insufficiently in the first place??
How can i make them visible again? and any tips on how to successfully merge the 2 docs to have one complete reference list?

any help gratefully received

It maybe that the “name” isn’t in the record. have you inspected the library to see if they are in the library? or just not being matched by endnote for some reason? Do the websites have author names in the generic field used for primary authors?

If they just aren’t there for some reason, I am assuming you retained a copy of the original documents with the endnote citations intact? If so, you can export them to a new library (I name it temporary) and go to import that library into the main library, with discard duplicates setting. Or probably even easier and safer, display the temp library with the ref type field and sort them, so the web ones are together. Now just copy those to your existing library. The numbers will be new, so you may still have to located the correct website record to insert during the update process.

Hi Leanne thanks for your help. sorry it has taken so long to reply. I do have an original document and the references are still visible here. I can find the citation within endnotes too when searching for each with the title.
It seems that my issue is that on merging the 2 documents i unformatted and merged, following reformatting. as instructed.
but I cant change them from temporary citations. the temporary ones are highlighted and im asked if i want to ignore or insert them. neither changes the “temporary” status and they still dont reappear in the bibliography.
im not sure if this even makes sense never mind how can i get the citations to all become non temporary?

Are they all the same ref type? Are you using the same style to format them in the original documents and the new document? Can you do a a screen shot of the temporary citation and a screen shot of the record for that citation in your library? What if you delete one of the temporary citations and insert it again? I still think it is something to do with the field in the temporary citation, and perhaps a mismatch with the record fields.

What happens if you don’t unformat before merging the two documents. AND do you have tracked changes on? Are there a lot of tracked changes?

If you unformat (a copy) of the current document again, and then “clean it up” by selecting all and erasing any fields (Ctrl+Shift+F9 keyboard shortcut to unlink all the fields, but this can also affect other things like table of contents, indexes, page numbers), and then trying to reformat?

Hi Leanne
Thank you

Yes they are all Harvard

I will send you screen shots too as requested

I edited one of the citations from journal to book (which it was and I’d done journal in error) and it goes in perfectly!

Could you give me basic steps of how to merge the 2 original documents please? So I don’t mess that up too!!


Dr Glen Rae
Sports Medicine NE

Hi Leanne
print screens attached

(Attachment doc for leanne.docx is missing)

strange. But all the citations look like they are temporary? you might try putting a comma at the end of the author names, so they come out in full and see if that helps. One problem might be that two citations to websites of the same year and the same web “author” can’t be distinguished from each other? sometimes that happens as there isn’t enough info to disabiguate them… but they worked in the first one!

Make copies, and just try to copy all of one paper without the bibliography section into the other and update and see if it works!

Thanks Leanne
I’ll try adding commas as suggested
But if no joy then basically copy the text without the bibliography from one documents and paste it above the bibliography in the other.
Then which button/ option do I press in endnotes within word for references to be added to the bibliography?

Dr Glen Rae
Sports Medicine NE

Sorry I was out of the country for an extended holiday, so not monitoring (no wifi in the Antarctica, go figure!) --“updated citations and bibliography” did it work?