how to merge 2 bibliographies (that were never intended to become seperate) into 1?


I am using Endnote X5, Word 2003. After having not worked on my document for some weeks, I had to add some references in the text today. However, instead of adding these references to the bibliography, endnote started to create a new bibliography underneath the original one. So now I have 2 bibliographies, instead of one that merges the “old” and the “new” references. Can anyone explain me why/ how that happens and most importantly how to turn the 2 in one single bibliography? (‘format bibliography’ does not change anything)

Thanks a lot in advance,


Did you try unformating everything and reformating?  – It sounds like the first set may have be unlinked from endnote?  Are they still both endnote fields.  Are the original citations still linked to endnote fields?  No one else has opened the paper in another software program?  

Thank you for the quick response! I will try to un- and reformat everything. My supervisior opened the paper meanwhile, she is working with a mac as far as I know…

As long as he opens it with the same software package or doesn’t save it on top of yours.  If he opens it in open office and you were working in word, that will destroy the links.  Safest to unformat them to temporary curly bracketed citations if someone else is going to open it and work on it.