Merging several bibliographies in one

I want to make a document with several chapters and a merged bibliography at the end. There are 7 different files that I merged  in  one big file. I had thought that the bibliography would be automatically merged and ordered, however this doesnt happen. The bibliography is still separated by chapters and although I asked to actualise fields. It stay the same.

How may I merge all the 7 bibliographies in one ??

Thanks in advance. I cannot finish my phd without this :frowning:


Reading here I found a response:

"The only way to achieve this, it to keep the two documents separate and format them, and then make a copy and unlink the fields, and then merge the copies.  Go back to the original chapter files to make any changes and repeat the process. "

However it is not clear, how unlink the fields??? :-{

It sounds to me like you want one big bibliography, not separate bibliographies for each chapter.  Try unformating the references, delete the remnant bibliographies and then reformat the document.  You should end up with one big bibliography at the end. 

To “unlink” the references, use the endnote tool in word that is called “remove field codes”, or select all, ctrl+shift+f9 ON A COPY, this will remove any endnote information and make the Endnote unusable on the resulting document, but freezes things as they are.  This is what you would want to do, to ensure the maintenance of individual reference lists for each chapter prior to combining.