Merging Word text - some with EndNote citations, some with citations not in EndNote

I’m trying to help someone in my department with his document. He received a Word 2010 document that has EndNote 7.4 references in it. He needs to add text from several other Word docs that have references that aren’t EndNote. I’m trying to figure out how best to do this. Greatly appreciate any help!

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Really depends on the output style.  But I ask collaborators to add their citations in full, where they will be cited (enough of the author, year, publication, page numbers title, so I can find it)  and then I retrieve  them  or manually add them into my own library and update them when finalizing the manuscript.  Really the best way.

I also usually only share it with them, in the unformatted citations, with a bibliography, so they don’t corrupt the fields.  Have your colleage NOT edit existing citations which will corrupt them.  

The original document has Endnote citations. My colleague needs to copy and paste text into it from Word documents that have references that were inserted with either Word or something else.

I understand but you can’t mix two, so my recommendation is to provide somewhere citation details so the original author can combine them easily.  There is no way to “merge” MSWord’s citations with Endnotes.  Endnote can convert a document from Word citations, but probably not mixed, but I don’t know - haven’t ever tried!