Missing Menus including the Applications Tab in Preferences

As I’m getting used to Endnote I’m beginning to think I have a scaled dow version of the application. I had the issue where the application, when online, would go to Endnote Web instead of the Endnote X. As I looked into this issue I found that I have no Applications Tab in the Peferences (in both the Endnote Web tab in Word * The Endnote X Add Ins Menu).

Additionally I don’t get Author/Date or Annotate in the Styles sections.

Any advice? Would be much appreciated.

I don’t think that there was a “applications” tab for Endnote Web in X. 

Check the styles folder which should be in your (on windows machine) in Program Folder/Endnote folder.  How many syles are there?  X comes with >3000.  You can always go to http://www.endnote.com/support/enstyles.asp and download what styles you want, and save them in the Styles folder. 

(You may have to show hidden folders and files to see the folder.)

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Thanks for that Leanne - I had about 2500 styles and I’ve downloaded the extra ones and now I’m up to about 2678. I hadn’t done that before so was go to figure that out.

In relation to that Applications Tab… I was reading the materials on switiching from Endnote Web to Endnote X (cause sometimes my word documents connect to Endnote Web - but now I realising it does that for the styles). According to the information to modify this behaviour you go to the Preferences - Cite While You Write- that option isn’t there on Endnote Web - but I’ve just tried it on Endnote X and I’m getting the ‘This parameter is incorrect’ statement.

So there’s a bit of snowballing on the problems - it would be great to solve this in one fell swoop!

Thanks, Conor

Conor, is it a Vista problem? The Endnote site has a fix for it :


Hope that helps.


I never used EndnoteWeb in X (and not even in X2) so I am afraid I am out of my depth here.