Missing references in library results in errors in word

I am using Endnote X6 for mac and Word 2011 for Mac. Recently I discovered that many of my citations were liking to the wrong author. After investigating more it turns out that some of my references have disappared in my endnote library. The in text citiation in word that once linked to this missing reference is now linking to a different reference (often with the same year).  Some references show the right author in the citation in the text, but then it yields a completly different reference in the bibliography. I am now scared that I have to redo all my citings since many seems to be wrong. How to I know which citations that  have been changed and how many references that have disappared from endnote? I wrote these chapters several months ago and remembering every single refernce will be impossible. 

I am facing the same problem. The first few pages of my document is right. After, that its all misplaced and wrong. Did you try and solve it? I am planning to re-cite everything from scratch. Let me know.