MLA Styles

Is/are there MLA Seventh Edition styles for EndNote X7?

Chuck Billow

Yes, there’s an MLA 7th edition (with variations) and a beta 8th edition. Go to the Endnote toolbar and select Help >Endnote Output Styles which will take you to the output style download section of the Endnote support website. Enter “MLA”, then download the file you want.

Since I am just starting with MLA, I am not sure, but are the styles listed all MLA 7, and then similar or acceptable in format to MLA 8?  And then, when does the caps / no caps issue come into play?

If you are hesitant about using the beta MLA 8th output style file you could clarify with the recipient whether to adhere to the 7th or 8th edition standards. Some recipients may be flexible while others may expect use of the current standard (which is the 8th edition). Presumably the beta MLA 8th output style file differs from the others based on the 7th edition. So if you wish to follow 8th guidelines you could apply the beta output style file. Even if it is a beta format, most likely the key templates are functional and working properly. (Caveat: it is a beta release so there may be some issues.)

As I recall, capitalization was required for each word in a title with the exception of articles (e.g. an, the, etc.) and prepositions (e.g. of, in, by, etc.). The exception would be if the first word in the title contains an article or preposition then the word would be capitalized.

If you are new to MLA style it will be helpful to have a copy of the style guide manual (available in print and e-book book format) which contains complete rules and examples.

OK, thanks, CG.


Chuck Billow