Modifying filter to import DOI into URL field

I am trying to change the Pubmed (NLM) filter so that it will import the DOI into the URL field (to that I can add via change field), so far no luck.  It imports DOI information into the DOI field just fine, but I cannot get it to import it into the Pubmed field.

Here is the information from the filter (the imported txt file does not have URL info).

AID - {IGNORE} [pii]

AID - DOI [doi]

AID - URL [doi]




Thank you.

Can you attach a sample text file of 2-3 records to enable seeing how the AID tags and data are presented?

This programming works for me (see AID and LID tags). Did you remember to choose reference type “Journal Article” at the top?

Only testet import of 10 references so no extensive testing.

Best wishes

Jan Ove