Modifying Reference Type for Large Quantity of Citations after Import


I cannot figure out a way to modify the reference type after references have already been imported. I would be trying to modify the reference type for a large number of citations at any single time. Is there a way to do this?

Also, I noticed that when one sets Edit-Preferences- Reference Type default to one of the ref types that is only default for when one manually enters a reference type not when importing a batch of citations from a text file or directly, etc.

Any input on this as well?

Thanks in advance.

Select the references you want to change the reference type.  References>Show selected, Edit>Change text…,

In  the “select a field” box select “reference type” (last in the list in X4) and in the box “search for” enter the exact name of the reference type you want  replace and “change the text to” the reference type you want them to become.  this must be exact.  If there are several reference types you need to change, you need to do them one by one. 

I tried it and it worked.  Thanks Leanne.