Problem to rename a reference type


I’m french, so scuse me for my english. I use Endnote X1 (X1.0.1, PC with Windows Vista).

It is impossible for me to rename the reference type in Edit>Preferences>Reference Types>Modifiy Reference Type.

I access to all the lines (Author, Year, etc…) and it is possible for me to modify these lines. But I don’t access to the GENERIC line, written in boldface. When I click on this line, nothing appears (no frame, no cursor).

I try to modify the XML file (with Wordpad) and modify the names of the Reference Types in this XML file. So I try to import this XML file, but nothing changes…

Thanks to help me!


I’m not sure if I’ve understood the problem. You can’t edit the Generic reference type.

Perhaps you mean that you are setting up a new reference type, and you can’t enter text in the box at the top of the column, where the name of the reference type is entered (e.g. Book, Journal Article)?

This is a known bug in EndNote X1. Click in the box below (corresponding to the Generic Author field), and arrow up to the top box. You will be able to enter text in that box now.

Thanks you for tour answer!

It’s exactly the problem and you have the solution!

Thanks you, really!!