Moving text and references around in Word

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I’m trying to rearrange a piece of work which I have already incerted citations into. Is there anyway to move passages of text complete with citations that will mean the citations update once its in its new place. 

Copy and Paste is just leaving the citation numbers as they were originally, so now they’re in the wrong numerical order.


As long as the Endnote fields are still there, if you add another reference - it should reformat automatically or “update citations and bibliography” (from the word endnote ribbon) or  format bibliography if prior to word 2007 or possibly on a mac).  It helps to  identify the Operating system, and versions of the software (word processor and endnote) to make answers more targeted. To be absolutely sure that no major corruption occurs, you can also unformat citations (not remove them or convert to plain text!) prior to shuffling things around, (they will appear in {curly brackets} and then reformat bibliography later. 

Okay so what you’re saying it that theres no function to automatically update the citations if you move a block of text from one position in a document to an earlier position, I have to re-enter all the citations manually?!

Hello, Sara:

Oh, no! That’s not what Leanne is saying at all… just the opposite. What she’s saying is that it’s safest to “unformat” your citations before moving them about – this means to temporarily turn them to a text-only form that easier for Word to copy and paste – and then format them all back up when you’re done. That will ensure that they safely move to the new positions and reformat/renumber correctly.

I’ll be happy to give you more specific directions if, like Leanne mentioned, you provide the versions of EndNote, Word and operating system (e.g. Windows or Mac) you are using.

Oh fantastic … sorry I didn’t understand what was trying to be explained. 

I’m using the cite-while-you-write microsoft word plug-in for endnote web on windows 7. 

More specfic instructions would be a tremendous help. 

Apologies for the earlier confusion. 



Great, thanks for the additional detail. Here’s what I would recommend – before you begin your copying/pasting etc in your document, go to your EndNote Web tab in Word and choose Convert Citations and Bibliography>Convert to Unformatted Citations.

This will change your citations so they now look something like this:

{Smith, 2013, The long-term effects of chronic migraine}

You may also notice that the reference list will be removed. Do not panic! This is temporary; it will return when we format up again.

Perform your document editing, such as copying, pasting, and deleting text. When you’re ready to have EndNote online display your in-text references according to your style and generate a new bibliography, select the appropriate style in  the Style pull-down on your EndNote Web tab in Word. Then, click Update Citations and Bibliography.

If you get a window that reads “EndNote Web Select Matching Reference,” please see the following FAQ page for more details:

I hope this helps!


Thank you so much for your help. 


That’s why we’re here, Sara! Have a great day.

I know this is very old post but becasue it is very related to my question… 

I did the same step and it seems work 

but In my orginal setting I was doing the reference by section and when  I tried this way, the refernces became for the whole doculment. 

could you please tell me how to solve this problem

The per section setting is specific to the output style and needs a section break dividing the sections.  That setting is shown in the attached image.  Remember to save as, to a new name, and then to make sure that newly named output style is used in the new manuscript, on the endnote ribbon.  (you may need to view all styles to find it the first time).  


If i sent a word document with the endnote citations unformatted, will my colleagues be able to move the references around and would they automatically update to their new place/position within the paper?

I am using Endnote and this is the challenge that I am facing? Me and my colleagues arent sure how they can move the text around without corrupting the file. Do they need to have Endnote installed in their computers, in order for them to be able to move the references around?

Kinldy advice