Multiple Authors

I am using APA 5th, I have edited the output styles so that the first 6 authors are listed. I have even created a new style that lists all authors but in neither case will word display more than the first author in a multiple author citation. I have a Mac OS 10.5 and Word 2004. I am now using X2 but had the same problem with the previous version. 

By the way, I never get any help from Thompson. I have emailed several times over the last year and not even a reply. Are they as bad as they seem?  

Emailed or used the tech support page to contact them?  I know they respond to the tech support site available from  —usually quite quickly.

Please attach your style.  It is much easier to trouble shoot it than to describe all the possible places to examine.


Be aware, though, that the EndNote APA 5th output style is indeed (trying to) comply with the requirements of the APA referencing style - a maximum of 5 authors cited in the in-text citation(*), a maximum of 6 authors cited in the entry in the reference list. 

So unless you are using APA 5th as a starting point for another style, or you have a “house style” that is a variant on APA, the EndNote output style is correct.

Cheers, John

(*) with special rules for recurrences in the same paragraph and/or later in the document! (see the Publication manual of the American Psychological Association, pp. 207-209)

Thanks Leanne,

I did use the tech support site. Its good to know  you get good support. I have only used it 2 (I think 3) times. Maybe I just slipped through the cracks - thats why I asked.  


It was definitely not complying with APA but I found the problem. A few of my citations in older papers were complying but most were not. Papers written before I upgraded to X1 all complied. It looks like my library was corrupted and the carriage return between multiple authors were removed. New citations worked but old ones that came from pre X1 were not.

Now why is it that when I finally get to asking a question (of calling my wife to help me find something) the answer is revealed. Next time I am just going to ask instead of trying to figure it out so that I can figure it out :smiley:.