Multiple citation separator help - each reference in my footnotes is separated by both a full stop and a semicolon


I’m using endnote style AGLC(UTS). I’m having trouble with footnotes containing multiple references. Every citation ends with a full stop followed by a semicolon.

The multiple citation separator is a semi colon. At the end of each reference type in the footnote templates is a forced separation mark followed by a full stop.

I tried editing the templates to remove the full stops at the end of each reference type, but that just left each reference finishing with a blank space followed by the semi colon (separator).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Download a newer version of the Style sheet, it seems to be a problem that was sorted out in a newer version. eg EndNote for legal referencing - EndNote referencing software - Library Guides at University of Queensland Library correctly removes the last full stop before putting in the Multiple Citation separator