Dropped punctuation between multiple short-form citations in footnotes

The closing quotation mark is being dropped from footnotes when short-form references (i.e., a reference cited after the first full citation) appear in multiple citations. The problem does not occur when the citation includes page numbers. Here is an example using Chicago 15th A output style, with comma as the multiple citation separator:

Herrmann, Tetlock, and Visser, "Mass Decisions for War, Bruce Jentleson, “The Pretty Prudent Public: Post-Vietnam American Opinion on the Use of Force,” International Studies Quarterly 36, no. 1 (1992), Jentleson and Britton, "Still Pretty Prudent, Page and Shapiro,Rational Public.

There should be a close quote (") after “War” and after “Prudent”. Here is the Chicago 15th A <Journal Article - Short form> template I am using:

Author, “Title,” |: Cited Pages|.

I am using Endnote X6.0.2 and MS Word for Mac 2011.

I’d be grateful for any help! Thanks!


Can you attach the actual output style?

Thanks for looking into this, Leanne. I’ve attached the output style. In case it matters, the unformatted footnote citation looks like this:

{E.g.`, \Herrmann, 1999 #289;Jentleson, 1992 #474;Jentleson, 1998 #475;Page, 1992 #42}

It it seems as though Endnote drops the quotation mark when trying to replace the comma just before it with the multiple-citation separator. Endnote does not have to do this when the citation has additional material after the title, such as page numbers or (in the case of first full citations) publication info. 
Chicago 16th A.ens (76.9 KB)