Multiple reference citation separation by comma

Hi all,

I am trying to get a comma in between the references, like this [1, 4, 39].

Have tried to edit the output styles as advised by others in previous messages. (Endnote>Edit>Output Styles>Footnotes>Templates>Multiple citation separator (comma inserted with a space after)>Save)

Tried to configure the references again to no avail. Still getting this [1 4 39] in my Word document.

Please advice. Thank you in advance.

This may be intentional by you, but the change you listed will only affect footnote styles. If you want to change the multiple citation separator for “normal” styles, you have to do this:

Endnote>Edit>Output Styles>Citations>Templates>Multiple citation separator (comma inserted with a space after)>Save

Best wishes

Jan Ove

Thanks! Got it!