Multiple error messages

Hi there,

I am using Endnot X9 and have searched through the forum but can’t find anything that fixes my problem.

When trying to add a paper to endnote by searching using the pubmed online search 1 of 2 things happens.

  1. It will say error searching for records: internal server error.

  2. It will say it found the paper 1 out of 1 but when I try to retrieve it will say Error reading record

This has only been happening since yesterday and has made writing impossible, half way through a thesis I really don’t want to switch referencing software!

Any help would be much appreciated.



If you are getting errors searching PubMed from within EndNote or EndNote online it could be the result of a temporary outage. You can try searching PubMed from EndNote or EndNote online again later. Outages at PubMed typically last less than 48 hours.

You can also use the steps on our website to search the PubMed website and send the search results to either EndNote or EndNote online.