Multiple "et al" citations with same first author but different co-authors -- how to combine them


I’ve searched this forum but have failed to find this problem, although it must be there.

I have the following style of references:

Smith, Jones, Brown (2000)

Smith, Rogers, Jones (2000)

In my text, when both are cited I get:

Smith et al. (2000a); Smith et al. (2000b)

whereas I want:

Smith et al. (2000a,b)

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Change the Ambiguous Citation’s “Letter format”* of your output style to: 2000a, b (see attached image).


* Go to the EndNote toolbar, select Edit > Output Styles > Edit [name of your output style]
Ambiguous Citation - Letter format.gif

Thanks for your reply. I do have the Letter Format as you describe, but the output in my document is:

Smith et al. (2000a), Smith et al. (2000b)

I assume the result is not Smith et al. (2000a,b) because the “et al” authors are different in each reference.

I am using X6 and Word 2013


I assume the result is not Smith et al. (2000a,b) because the “et al” authors are different in each reference.




Yes, the two references must have the same authors in orfer to achieve the desired Smith et al. (2000a,b) format.  but you can achieve Smith et al. (2000a,b) by deselecting the “Add more authors until the citation is unique” option - refer to the screenshot in my prior posting. 

 am not sure you will ever get 2000a, b, but you can probably get 2000a, 2000b if you hide the authors for the second (b) citation? (rt click in citation, edit citation) FYI, most publishers want up to three authors before involking the et al.  Most publishers will also get this into the house preferences during the edit stage, so I worry more about content once I have the bare bones correct. 

Thanks for your response.

In fact, I decided that it is not possible to have the formatting that I described, and I simply went through my document and added suffixes as appropriate, and removed the 2nd reference(s). However, this, it seems to me, is not how EndNote should need to be manipulated.

The publisher I am sending my article to is American Geophysical Union (published by Wiley).

Maybe EndNote could be updated in the future to include the type of formatting I want?

I wouldn’t remove the second citation, just hide both its author and year (only include in bibliography might be what that is called) and add the suffix. 

I agree.  I would put the request in the suggestions forum as I think it is unreasonable that all the authors have to be the same to stop showing the first author et al, for the second grouped citation in cases like these. 


did anyone solved this problem?

I am experiencing the same issue while citing two references with the same first author but different co-authors.

What I see is:

Smith et al, 2018a; Smith et al, 2018b

While I would like to have:

Smith et al, 2018a, b

Is there anyone who can help me?

Thank you.