Endnote X2 on Mac Office 2008

I’ve been having problems with my endnote X2 for Mac.

When I use CWYW in Word 2008, everytimeI insert a reference, the Word windows duplicates its menus on the top bar.

It sounds crazy but it is what happens. Any help with this?

My Word is updated and the endnote is X2 so I am not sure if it is a compatibility issue.


This sounds like a job for … Tech Support!  -but let us know the outcome?

I am having this same problem - was this ever resolved? thanks very much. D. Graham Hyatt.

This issue might be covered in this forum discussion:


Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

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Yes - removing the normal.dotm file from: 

user-id/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Office/User Templates/Normal.dotm

worked for me. yea. dgh