end note trial version does not recognize word


i use word 2008 for mac and downloaded the endnote x 2 trial software. i tried to use it in a word file but the endnote toolbar does not appear in word. i do not use the english version of word, but the german one.  i tried with downloading the endnote x 2.0.1 update and followed the instructions but this did not do anything. i also tried the customize link in endnote a few times but this also did not work.

can someone give me advice?

thank you, christoph 

There are further instructions here:


Jason Rollins, the EndNote Team 

thank you, now it´s working.



I also had the same problem, but the solutions proposed in the post (FAQS Mac) that worked for the person writing before didn’t work for me…

I am using Mac PowerBook with Microsoft Word 2004 for Mac, and installed EndNote X2.

In Word the option endnote doesn’t appear under the tools, nor in the View–> toolbar option.

I did the “Customizer” option in Endnote so the CWYW option would be “on”, but it already was active.

I also downloaded the 2.0.1 update, but when installing it it said that everything was already up to date.

I also tried to put the aliases manually in the Microsoft Office–>Office–>startup–>word directory but the aliases were already there.  Anyway I put the new ones I had created after doing the update, and didn’t work either.  

So it seems that endnote should be already available in Word, but it just doesn’t appear.

Any ideas??

Many thanks,