My citations display as {Kinobe, 2015 #1788} instead of (Kinobe, 2015)


I am using Cite While You Write but when I add in-text citations, they are displayed in this style  {Kinobe, 2015 #1788} instead of the usual (Kinobe, 2015) and they do not have a link to the library anymore, just plain text. They also do not show up in the bibliography list at the bottom! 

I have MS Word 2013 in Windows 7 with EndNote X7 and it is set to the Harvard style of referencing in the EndNote tab in Word. What could have gone wrong and what do the “#1788” numbers mean?

Thank you for your help.

This is because Cite while you write – autoformating has been turned off.  Look at the endnote ribbon and turn it on and you might need to also hit the update button to the left.  see image.  

Another thing to do is simply hit the “update citations and bibliography” button and make sure it can format without errors or with asking for you to “select matching references”. The instant formatting settings are discussed in the KB article here:! Colin Colin Gillies Global Customer Support Thomson Reuters Phone: +1 800-336-4474

Thank you Leanne and Colin. I combined your recommended solutuions and it worked; turned “Instant Formatting” on and also “updated citations and bibliography” and it corrected everything. Thank you very much for your very fast responses.