reference appears as text


I suddenly have the following problem, when I try to insert selected citation in a word text from the endnote library:  it seems to appear as text , looking like this : [Crow, 1981 #71]

moreover the sourse  does not appear in the reference lits at the end of the document.

I have re-installed the endnote but nothing changed.

any ideas about how to solve this?

thank you in advance


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The format of your citations are known as “temporary citations” and do not generate a corresponding bibliography. The temporary citations which display the author name, year, and record number appear when Endnote’s “Instant Formatting” is turned off.

To turn on Instant formatting go to the Endnote X7 section in the MS Word ribbon just below the “Categorize References” click the pull down menu to select “Instant Formatting is on”. The in-text citations and references should be automatically generated but if not click the “Update Citations and Bibliography” command.


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Thank you very much, it solved the problem!

however how can I always keep instant formatting on?

because I notice that each time I try to add a new reference it appears as temprary so I need to turn it on manually.

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If like in the attached image, it says “instant format is off” clicking on it, should bring up the dropdown as CG described, and you select it and turn it on (see the first attached image).  To turn it off or on for all new documents that you create, Alt+9 to pull up the cwyw settings, and change the option highlighted in the second attached image (this will not change existing documents).  

this is for Desktop version Endnote X7 on a Windows MS Word 365 vers 16.0.6965.2105

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may solve this kind of problem is very difficult to finish

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