My Endnote keeps changing my citations to one from another document


I am currently using endnote to write my dissertation (on Mac), I have just seen that my first page has references all from another piece of work I have been working on the other day. I corrected the problem by changing them all back and started adding more references to my document and checked back to the first page and once again it has changed my reference. 

Please help as I keep having to close the document and not saving meaning I lose my word, just so I can get the references back to normal 

What can I do to fix the problem? 

Thank you 

Lucy Waters 

Which version of Endnote are you using and is it running the latest update?

Very odd situation. I’m assuming you’re opening the correct Microsoft Word document and not mistakenly opening a different document. If so, to test if your original document is corrupted you might try creating a brand-new document and see if the same issue arises in the new document as in the old.

You might also run the “cleanup” procedure on your document to remove any traces of corruption, if that is the problem?  How are you " corrected the problem by changing them all back"?  

I don’t usually find I need to copy everything to a new document at the end of this procedure.