Fields not populating in citation

I am using EndNote X4. My EndNote style includes Epub Date in its citations:

Author. Title. Journal Year|;Volume|(Issue)|:Pages| doi: DOI[`published Online First: Epub Date]|.

I have included Epub Date in my references, either through direct import or manually updating my references. However, when Epub Date is included in my reference, it does not populate in my citation. I have updated my citations.

Any suggestions?

My apologies if this question has been already discussed in this board.

can you attach the output style you are using and take a screen shot of the part of a journal record with this field included, or the exported reftype table?  

I checked your syntax. (adding a pipe and removing a `)


Author. Title. Journal Year|;Volume|(Issue)|:Pages| doi: DOI|[published Online First: Epub Date]|.

Hi Leanne, 

I’m struggling with this same issue - my reference list in Word just populates as: [published Online First: Epub Date]. without the actual date.  The style is ‘BMJEndnote’ (attached) downloaded from the journal’s website - another issue is that the journal title should be in italics but isn’t and I’m not sure how to change this.

Any help greatly appreciated!

BMJEndNote.ens (20.3 KB)

It is simple to ital the journal (at least in the PC version) and I have done so in the attached revised output style. 


Author. Title. Journal Year|;Volume|(Issue)|:Pages| doi: DOI`published Online First: Epub Date]|.


Author. Title. Journal Year|;Volume|(Issue)|:Pages| doi: DOI| [published Online First: Epub Date]|.

To get the ePub Date to populate you have to have the field “ePub Date” completed in the record.  Do you have dates in those fields?  See attached.  Also I added a couple link adjacent and a square bracket that seemed to be missing from the template you provided in the Journal bibliography template?  

deleted flawed output style

[BMJEndNoteJO-ital -added.ens (20.4 KB)

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Hi Leanne, 

Thanks for your help with this - much appreciated!

So, the italics has worked fine, but the Epub Date is still not populating (despite it being in the record - see attached).

There’s also an additional line (i.e. | ) either side of the square brackets, as per the attached output.

Any ideas??



Oops, that is what happens when I don’t test the final edited version –

okay, try this one.  (deleted incorrect version)

BMJEndNoteJO-ital Copy.ens (20.8 KB)

still not right as if there is no field info you get part of the text – working on it.  

okay – try this one

BMJEndNoteJO-ital final.ens (20.7 KB)

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Hi Leanne, 

That’s it working now - great!

Could I be cheeky and ask one final question - Do you know how I can change the date format from: 2011/10/20 to 20 October 2011?  Would I have to do it manually for each reference or is there a simpler way to change it?

Much appreciated!!


I don’t think there is anyway for Endnote to reformat the dates. Sorry

I found this in the help about dates: 

“In the Date field of your references, enter dates as you would like them to appear in your formatted list or bibliography; EndNote does not reformat dates. The output style determines which date field prints in your bibliographic references.”

No worries, thanks for your help.