Need to find how to export customized fields modifications to another computer

I work with an academic  research center  that has to generate an activity  report every year. In order to use EndNote to build a cumulative database of various activities (seminars, conferences, lecture clubs, publications, awards, number of graduate students, …) We have extensively customized EndNote  7 on a HP Pavilion computer  to have new reference types and field names  to input the various activities mentioned above.  This computer is now getting a bit obsolete and we want to transfer this specific EndNote library to another, newer, PC computer  on which we  have a licensed copy of EndNote X1.  The problem is that we want to avoid the long and tedious process of re-customizing all those field names and reference types by hand.  That would be an incredible waste of time.  There must be some  file somewhere in the EndNote 7 folder or in some other system folder that contains the info for the modifications and that could simply be copied to the equivalent location in the new computer.  Would anyone have information about such a file : name, extension, location?


see the following from the archives.  From Endnote9 and up, this process is much easier, and there is a file that can more easily be copied from machine to machine.