Need to Use Short-form footnotes, cannot figure out how to do it

My publisher requires that all footnotes are short-form footnote citations with a comprehensive bibliography, the footnotes containing only author’s last name, short title, and page numbers. 

I cannot figure out how to get Endnote to produce this format, since the only Chicago 16th option available produces the long form citation. The other available options are to exclude the author, the year, or both, none of which is helpful.

I supposed I could manually type every single footnote, but as they are already inserted in the document and could be reformatted with one swift formatting change, I’d much rather do that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

can you provide the detailed instructions as to style.  I assume the bibltiography will contain the “long version”.  Endnote provides all the tools you need to customize an output style. You would want the “citation” format selected rather than the footnote  templates and the bibliography output.  Alternatively, if different reference types required different “details”, you could create a unique template in both the short and long footnotes templates for each ref type. Short and long would be identical.  

As an example of the first approach,  – I changed Chicago footnote output style attached so that "footnotes uses the “citation” format, and added author, short title, cited pages to the citation template.  It probably isn’t perfect, since I don’t know if the cited pages field needs the p. or pp. preceding it, and currently gives the output shown in the attached image.   

Chicago 16th footnote-citation.ens (81.1 KB)
Chicago 16th footnote-citation.ens (81.1 KB)

Thank you!

The house style (Wipf & Stock) requires that all footnotes be Author last name, Title, page number. The long form will be used in the bibliopraphy only, as you guessed.

I followed your approach and edited the Chicago 16th style to have  Author|, Short Title|, Cited Pages|. and that worked. The only thing was that all my ibids disappeared and all my footnotes are now showing up in the short form. Is there a toggle I’m missing somewhere?

Yeah, forgot that.  You will have to use the second suggestion and replace all long forms with the short form equivalents in the footnote templates, and go back to the “using footnote format” setting there.  Ibids will work correctly then.  

Thans again. This solved the problem.