two glitches even in X3

Just upgraded to X3 from Endnote 9. I work in Word 2007, and still get two troubling problems.

  1. Endnote sometimes tells me that there are no usable citations in a text in which there are many! I generally have to close Word and Endnote, and sometimes even have to restart the computer.

  2. I am working on a manuscript, and often edit it in Outline mode. Endnote sometimes is not able to restore a cut portion of the text. Rather, clicking on the undo buttom moves the cursor to the bibliography, and successive undos just change the tabs used there. This is terrible since you can lose text altogether!

  1.  I highly recommend that you unformat all references from EN9 and reformat, particularly if you also upgraded to Word 2007 from an earlier version too.  EN and Word work a bit differently together depending on versions.  It helps to start with a relatively clean slate.  

  2.  when endnote formats a reference, there are multiple steps to the process.  For this reason, doing what you are doing (that is “undoing”), I would leave the endnote references unformated if you frequently want to undo a step.  Undo and Endnote formating just don’t play nice as you need to run thru all the steps.  Just look at the list of “undos” after endnote formats an inserted reference.  

CWYW can be elegant, but it can also a pain in the … 

Thanks very much, Leanne. I have done step 1, and will try step two also.