New NIH.ens in wrong font

NIH does not accept Times font.  We recommend using Ariel. Not all my users know how to change the font, and it would be nice if the style promotted by EndNote as a fix for the NIH Public Access Policy requirements used something other than Times.

I don’t think the style dictates font?  Doesn’t it pick up the unerlying word template/document font? Mine just specifies, “plain”. 

Ah, maybe you are right.  It just seemed that some styles ‘begin’ in another font, but what you say makes sense.

I have been able to dictate font type within an output style.  In the Output style template window, select the template content. Then use Endnote menu EDIT > FONT.

Tor example, select the following Journal Article Template content, then change font:

Author. (Year)| Title. Journal| Volume|(Issue)|: Pages|. NIHMSID: NIHMSID|, PMCID: PMCID