Citation in Word 2003 uses wrong font

Hi all,

I am using EndNote X1 and cite-while-you-write with MS Word 2003 SP3 on Windows XP SP3. The body text of my Word document has a style called Normal that uses the font Adobe Caslon Pro. The citation template in my EndNote output style is configured to insert citations in Plain Font and Plain Size, and I expected that this would inserts citations in the Normal style. However, while Word does claim that the style is Normal, the font is Helvetica instead of Adobe Caslon Pro. Can anyone tell me how to fix this or help me to understand what is going on here?

Incidentally, I am having the same problem with the bibliography at the end of my document. The bibliography problem is less severe, because I can reformat it at the last minute in one step. It is very hard to go through the entire document and reformat all the citations.  (This document will be several hundred pages.) I cannot simply fix this problem every time I insert a new reference. Even if I select the citations and change them to the real Normal style, EndNote will change them back to Helvetica whenever the number of a reference changes.

Please help!


Make sure that the underlying “normal” font style  in your normal word template style  is also what you want for the font default?

Thanks for responding.  I’m pretty sure I’ve configured the “Normal” style correctly, though. The Normal style is using Adobe Caslon Pro (the font I want).  The rest of the body text uses the Normal style and is in the correct font. And when I select citations and re-apply the Normal style, they are changed from the wrong font to the right font.  As far as I can tell, EndNote is creating it’s own version of the “Normal” style that uses a different font.


I wonder if Endnote is constrained in some way, to only use non-proprietary fonts???

Good question!  It sure looks that way.