Help with formatting - New to EndNote

Hello. I’m new to EndNote. I was asked to take the class by my boss who is a Dr. She recently finished research and would like to submit to a journal. I connected all her citations to her references in EndNote and my Word 16 is connected to EN, but the formatting of my references is in Calibri instead of Times New Roman and it won’t let  me change it. I’m also wondering if someone would “spot check” my work. I’m new. None of my teammates know EndNote so they can’t assist. I’d like to make a good impression. I’m stuck and have asked everyone I know. Please help. 

EndNote x9

The text default it usually defined by Word, and the problem comes when someone changes the font to another one manually.  You need to edit the Word template styles (not endnote) to use the correct fonts – usually check what the “normal” style is in word and change it to the style that predominates in the document.  It usually changes everything automatically if other paragraph styles are set up correctly.  

(In word, on the Home tab, In the “styles” section of the ribbon, see Normal click on it and modify to change the font to New Times Roman).

If you are willing to upload  the file to dropbox or similar cloud location and share the file (can private message me the link thru clicking on my name in Blue above and choosing to message me), I can look at it for you.  Do you know where she plans to publish it?  What output style have you selected?  


I can do that or we can share screens through Zoom if you have that. She is planning on submitting through Gastroenterology.

btw…my Word and EndNote are connected and the font is set to Gastroenterology in both Word and EndNote. Word will not let me change the font and the Gastroenterology font is wrong.