New reference only showing the field


I am using Endnote X2 on Microsoft Word 2007.

My EndNote has been working just fine until a few weeks ago, when I realized that when I add a new reference in any of my footnotes, EndNote only shows the field, without automatically updating it into text.

So, once I add a reference, what I keep seeing is {Smith, 2002 #104}, and not J. SMITH, 2002.

To solve the issue I have to click on “Update Citation and Bibliography” every single time I add a reference, otherwise I cannot edit my reference by adding the pages for example.  In fact, if I click on “Edit Citation” the dialog box opens but it does not show the reference I actually want to edit.

Since my EndNote never had this issue, I was wondering whether any of you know what’s going on and if there is a way to avoid me having to update the bibliography every time.



I should also add that Enable Instant Formatting in checked, so it is enabled…but I’ve still got the issue of having to manually update the bibliography.