Change to new Endnote version, citations no longer recognized

Hello everybody!

I’m more or less a newbie with endnote. I apologize if my problem has already been solved in the past, but I’ve tried the FAQ and search function without success.

I’ve used Endnote 7 while writing my thesis. Due to hardware problems I had to reinstall my system. I’ve now installed a trial version of endnote X3 and converted a backup copy of my library to use it with endnote X3. The problem is: If I try to modify the output style, endnote tells my that there are no citations in the text document although the foot notes and the bibliography are still visible.

Has anybody a suggestion how to fix this? It would save me a lot of time, because otherwise I will have to insert all citations in my thesis again.

Thank you very much

It is hard to decipher the exact problem without seeing the document. What other software are you using (version of Word, your operating system)? 

Did you try to “unformat” citations in the document before trying to essentially reformat them?  In the past, I have found that to be an important step when going from pre EN8 to Post EN8 Endnote versions.  Are the “fields” visible as fields in the document? 

Is the X3 trial still “in trial” time period or has it expired?  It might not work with the full repertoire of capabilities if it has expired.  Where did you get the trial version (since X5 is the current trial available, I believe?)

Ok, I see the problem - my fault.

I’m using Windows 7 and Word 2007. I think no one in our workgroup is using endnote x5, so my Ph.D. supervisor gave me the installation file for endnote x3. I can register it with no problem via the university if this will help, I have not done this in the first hand as I just need to change the output style once to finish my thesis.The current version is still in the trial modus, I’ve installed it again just a few days ago.

I tried the “convert citation” button to unformat them, but nothing happend. Do I have to mark them before? What information do you need to further analyse the problem? A screenshot? The citation are still visible within the document in as foot notes ( 1,2,3… and so on) and are still linked to the bibliography at the end of the text.

Anyway, thank you very much for efforts so far!

On a copy which you have not altered, or tried to enter a new endnote in, select all (ctrl A) and then try convert to unformate.  Otherwise PM me, and perhaps you can send me the paper or a part of the paper?