New with EndNote x3


just started yesterday using EndNote X3 and i already have a problem. When i use a citation at the text appears: {Bardin, 2007  #14}. This is not what i’s supposed to appear. Also, if i try to edit this with EndNote using the right button of my mouse this Edit option doesnt even appear at the menu.

Anyone can help me?

Thank you

Well, the curly bracket text in your document is the way it is supposed to do. It is just not formatted yet. Turn on CWYW (cite while you write) feature, and it should format the way you tell Endnote (depending on the output style). “Edit citation” from right click menu is the one you later use to custom-edit individual citation, like prefix/suffix, omitting author, etc. I don’t think that’s the one you need now.

First, learn how bibiliography formatting works, and then take a look at help files for CWYW feature. But also learn how to enter your record from online resources. It is better not to use manual typing each record. Everybody starts somewhere around these things.

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Just to add to Myoshigi’s excellent advice, that if you want CWYW (automatic formating of inserted refs) on, that is enabled from the third tab of the Format Bibliography (or similar tool depending on word version), on the existing manuscript and CWYW preferences should be looked at to see that it is on for new documents. 

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