EndNote formatting question

I THINK I’m getting the hang of EN! 

In this cite, for example

{Memering, 2006 #30}

What c an I do to 1) have the curly brackets around cites changed to regular parentheses?


Is the number that appears in the citation reference (#30) an EN marker that will go away in the “final draft”?


Chuck Billow

What you are seeing is the Endnote citation.  That will be converted (and is converted if CWYW is enabled, from the third tab of the “format bibliography” dialog.  The style will dictate the kind of parentheses and the Author, Year or numbered settings.  You can leave it like it for now (with CWYW off) and see the endnote curly bracketed citations, or turn CWYW on, and each inserted reference will then be instantly converted to the citation format dictated by the output style you have chosen for that manuscript. 

Leanne, that’ cool!  The big problem I have now is remembering where all these features are!