News/media reports - what category?

Hi there,

In my research, I am drawing upon much grey literature, including different media and news reports from a variety of different sources. I see that there is an option to categorize newspaper articles, but some of the articles I draw on aren’t specifically newspapers. For example, different TV stations also post written versions of their stories online. I’m unsure of how to categorize these articles - would they be considered newspaper articles, or the much more vague web page? My citation style has noticeable differences in these, and because it’s grey literature, I need to manually add much information. I just need to make sure I’m categorizing them properly so I can gather the correct information, thus forming a proper citation.

Thanks in advance.


Dear md546 

There is a reference type called “electronic article” you could use for newspaper or TV reports published online. There’s also newspaper article and web page. If you look at the fields each reference type uses, that would help you decide which one to use.

I hope this is helpful!