No-author citations

I routinely use temporary citations in EndNote for iPad for daily typing and in-text citing, and later on finish by updating citations and bibliography on Word for Windows with EndNoteX9 plug-in. The style I use in most cases is Chicago 17. 

Problem #1. A good part of my sources are newspaper reports that do not have authors (that happens when there is no specific reporter behind a story, so the newspaper is considered the source). When I copy temporary citations for such no-author sources, they look like { , year). When I attempt to update bibliography and citations in desktop Word later on, EndNote does not recognize these sources and asks me to choose from a list of sources on my account. The problem is that I have dozens of such no-author sources and I can’t possibly remember which one belongs where. Anybody know a workaround? 

Problem #2 (really pressing). Say, even if I manage to match (or mismatch) temporary citations and sources this way, in-text citations appear as (“title” year). By the style requirements, it must be the (newspaper year). Yet, the final bibliography appears as should be: “Article name”. Year. Newspaper. Date. URL. 

Let me show a real example to be more illustrative: 

  1. EndNote citation: Year 2020, newspaper The Guardian, Title Trump plays campaign-style video attacking press at White House briefing, Date April 13. Author field left empty. 

  2. (MS Word On iPad): Some news are more surprising that others { , 2020} ]. 

  3. (MS Word on Windows): Some news are more surprising than others (“Trump plays campaign-style video attacking press at White House briefing” 2020). 

  4. Bibliography: “Trump plays campaign-style video attacking press at White House briefing.” 2020. The Guardian, April 13, 2020. Accessed 04/15/2020. URL. 

What can I tweak in the citation to make it appear in text as (The Guardian 2020) and, at the same time, keeping the abovementioned libliography unchanged? 

Problem #3. Is there any way to suppress author or year in temporary citations on iPad? I know I can suppress it on the desktop version, after termporary citations are already transformed into permanent in-text ones, but that would mean I would have to read through the entire document and find those citations that need to be suppressed. Given that I am working on a dissertation, reading one document would mean reading a chapter worth 50-60 pages. Again! 

Thanks in advance. 

I have never used the iPad program, so I can’t help with specifics on that device.  

How does the reader know which of two articles cited in 2020 from the Gardian, is which?  

but if that isn’t a problem… 

I would put the newspaper name in both the newspaper and the author fields of the record, and ensure that the newspaper template in your output styles not contain the author.  (I think this could end up with yeara, yearb for two articles in the gardian in the same year, which might help my questions above).