CWYW only producing temporary citations


I am using word 2016 and Endnote X9 on macOS Mojave.

I am finding that whenever I go to insert a citation from endnote into word it auto formats as a temporary citation (as in in {Author, date,}) and has no bibliography reference. I have tried toggling auto formating on and off, I have tried restarting, reinstalling endnote etc. but nothing makes a difference. Sometimes when I click insert citation in endnote i get a message “unknown error occured”, but it then allows me to continue to insert a citation. Interestingly, this issue only happens when I use endnote desktop. When i switch to endnote online It cites normally, however I do not want to use endnote online (mainly because i cant change to author (date) format easily). 

Any help/advice would be much appreciated. This is very frustrating!