No date, No author, No year - how to cite?

Hi all - please forgive me if these questions have been answered before or pls point me in the direction of those answers b/c I am going bananas working outhow to cite the following in EndNote (I use v10 on a Gateway laptop):

Question 1 -

Online newspaper articles which have:

  • No date on the website or web page,

  • No author on the site, page or attached to the newspaper (online) article,

  • No year listed on the article, website or web page.

Question 1a -

What does one do with the citation when the online article, webpage or website moves or disappears? (is taken offline or archived) The citation surely becomes invalid, no?

Question 2 -

I also am unsure how to cite multiple authors on journals and books - any clues?

I contacted my university to ask these questions and more, but got no reply. I’m very grateful for any suggestions, hints, tips or assistance. Thank you so much for reading this. I’m glad to have found this forum.


I think the questions 1 and 1a are answered by the publishers or organization which set the rules for citation. Endnote is the software that formats your citation based on these rules. Obviously, when websites disappear, which happens very often, the citation will become invalid. But once again, publishers/organizations determine how meaningful such citation is. Not by the Endnote.

Question 2 seems a little vague. Are you talking about citing journal itself and editors? or articles in the journal which have multiple authors? If the latter is the case, multiple authors are cited by listing all the authors or listing several (3 or 4) and abbreviate the rest by et al. But that’s just a general rule, and there are many variations if you look at more in details. You can find hundreds of different formatting styles when you open journals in the library. Endnote helps you to do this kind of different formatting on the fly. 

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Hi myoshigi, apologies for my tardy response and thank you so much for your reply. Yes, you’re quite right, on reflection 1 & 1a are down to the publisher - not EndNote - so I’ll check out the publisher’s direction on it.

Re Q2. I was wondering how to list a multitude of authors on research report and you’ve answered it in the latter part of your response. Thank you so much.

When you refer to formatting ‘on the fly’ - are you referring to ‘cite while you write’? I don’t use it, instead choosing to write, then build the citation, then just insert it. Is this, more or less, what cite while you write does?

Thanks again :slight_smile:


Yes, Endnote is basically the software to format your bibliography at the end of documents (manuscript, thesis, lab report, etc) based on the publisher’s formatting requirements.

Publishers set the rule to format authors, like “Smith J”, “Smith, J.” or “J Smith”. How many authors to be listed, is also dependent on the journal or publishers.

Endnote has lots of style definitions that format your bibliography. If you are using Word, “format bibliography” command does that job. Cite while you write is the feature with which the formatting is “dynamically” updated while you write your document. I meant “on the fly” because we don’t need to worry about the formatting. Either pressing “format bibliography” command or turning on the CWYW feature does that job.

Hope this helps as an etry to Endnote.