Format bibliography does a crazy thing no matter what output style is selected. Looks like a very long, temporary citation.



I hope someone is more proficient with EndNote than I seem to be. After using it for years, I have a problem. All of a sudden all of my citations in my Word documents are basically illegible. The temporary citation seems correct: {author, year #citationnumber}.


However, when I click "format bibliography" (either in Word or EndNote itself), the citations all look like this and go on for many, many lines:


{ ADDIN EN.CITE <EndNote><Cite><Author>McDonald</Author><Year>2009</Year><RecNum>... }.


This is what that citation looks like no matter what output style I select to format it. Anyone have any suggestions? I should add that when I format the bibliography,the title { ADDIN EN.REFLIST } is added even though the "bibliography title" section under "format bibliography" is blank.


This problem happened today for the first time, and my dissertation proposal is supposed to be sent out tomorrow so I am in a major time crunch. Thanks in advance for any help!




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Alt F9 (or Apple F9) you have inadvertantly activated Words - Show Field Codes.

(also see

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