No Date (n.d.) is not showing in EndNote 21 for APA style

In APA Style, when you don’t have a date of publication, you put “n.d.” for no date. In EndNote 21, an empty “Year” category does not automatically put n.d. instead – and it should.

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I recommend that you enter n.d. into the year field of the record to achieve this requirement.

Do you have a lot of these types of citations without a year? If so, alternatively, you could create a new Ref type and assign those records without a date to that ref type and copy the template from the normal ref type to the new ref type, and put the n.d. in the appropriate context to replace the year field.

Yes, that’s what we’ve advised our students to do. But in EndNote 20, it happened automatically. The automatic fix was removed in EndNote 21, as was the ability to set it up manually.