Using 'Year" field in citation for text instead of numbers URGENT HELP FOR UNDER THE PUMP MUM!!!!!

Hi folks

I’m sure the answer is simple, but for the life of me can’t find it and am getting beyond desperate!


Am doing APA referencing and have websites where there is no year to quote. Procedure according to APA is to then enter ‘n.d.’ to stand for ‘no date’.


I am putting n.d. in the Year field and this works perfectly for the biblligraphy/reference list. But in the in text citation, I am getting a " before the n.d. - ie it appears like this for eg.: Psychology InformationOnline," n.d. 

(I have added the bolding to highlight the problem)

I am assuming this is an issue with the citation template and there is some easy fix to do with the code in the template. Is there someone out there who has come across this and/or knows how to fix it?

Many thanks!! 

Can you attach the style you are using and paste in what the unformated {temporary citation} looks like (unformat the reference).  Also, tell us what ref type you are using for the record with the n.d.

Ok, here goes. I am technically retarded, so I hope I am understaning what you want!

{, n.d. #56;, n.d. #59;Pooley, 2006#57;Goldstein, 2003 #53;Huss, 2001 #58}

The reference type is Web Page

The style is attached.

How’d I do? :slight_smile:
APA 5th.ens (54.5 KB)

Hi there. Still desperately seeking a fix for my citation glitch. Just wondering if Leanne or anyone else has any suggestions??

Many thanks! 

Your style is the one came with Endnote, so style should not be a problem. I guess the problem is the way you typed your entry in your Endnote library.

It looks like you don’t have any entry in the author field in your library record. APA is Author-Date style, and it needs author field entry. Otherwise, in-text citation doesn’t point which one in the bibliography list at the end. Does it make sense?

I believe you don’t know who is the actualy author of this reference (web page), so you probably typed Psychology InformationOnline in the title field. Delete that, and type the same thing in Author field. APA style needs author entry, even that is something like “anonymous”. Now, when you enter author field with this kind of “virtual” author, you need to add comma at the end, like Psychology InformationOnline,

This comma at the end will make this “virtual” author as the name of institution. Your in-text citation will use this institution name as the author for this reference. See if this fix your problem? If this doesn’t work, please show us how each filed is entered, exacly.

Another rule of thumb:

When Endnote doesn’t work automatically for you, consider manual edit after removing field code (which means all of your citation and bibliography are fixed in your document).  Before impending deadline, do not let Endnote be the rate limiting factor or a reason why you can’t do anything further. Sometimes, it’s not worth tweaking styles or wondering small glitches. If some errors are just one or two occurence, then write them down on a sticky note, then manual edit at the end of your work. That shouldn’t take too long.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Problem solved and so simple when have that vital little piece of info!

Funny you mention the soft edit. That’s exactly what I intended to do. It’s just that this particular piece of work is unusual in that I have had to use a lot of material from web pages where there is not a precise date to cite re when the material was written. So it would have been a more tedious exercise than normal.

And it’s just great to know how to fix it anyway and be clear on exactly what was causing it and how to fix it. Now I can apply that information to other scenarios where there is no author.

:slight_smile: :)