No EndNote for Windows Surface RT Why? It takes less than 1 hour to rewrite a software for Windows 8 RT

I don’t understand why you don’t release a version of Endnote for Windows RT. Academics use now this tablet a lot due to the possibility to use with full potential the Office pack. Now why we can’t use Endnote? I know that re-writing a software for Surface RT takes less than 1 hour for a good IT developer. Is possible you don’t have money to pay an IT developer to do the job in one hour?

You are still not doing anything after several comments from users. Then I will change the references program and I will suggest my colleagues to do the same. If I buy your product I expect you give me the best not a partial service, you like more apple customers OK I will like more another program compatible with Surface.

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Fully agree, browsed trough a few treads where a similar question was asked. Windows RT is taking a leap in the academic sector due to big discounts offered by microsoft. I would also appreciate the availability of endnote for windows RT. Would one of the administrators/reuters techies be so kind to offer as any updates on the potential availability of endnote for RT?

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Official comment from end note would be nice.

While they likely can’t integrate in to word 2013 RT yet due to restrictions on plugins (I think for battery life issues), there is no reason they can’t make an iPad like app.

Call it endnote reference viewer – the name implies no integration to word RT… Yet.

Did anyone think of a better name than end note reference viewer yet?
Maybe just end note viewer?

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