Endnote for Windows 8 Surface RT

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This is my first forum post ever so I thought I would start by hopefully rallying a few people to the cause of getting Endnote created for surface RT. Not quite sure if I am doing this right :smiley:

I am currently a student/employee in the field of Biomedical Science and I love endnote. Given the current climate of technology I went out and purchased a Microsoft Surface RT to find my favorite referencing tool cannot be installed and thus will not integrate with the WIN 8 surface RT specific WORD 2013. Noooooo!!!

So if you are reading this, whether from a simple Google search or as apart of this forum please add some comments and if you are with me help me convince the great creators of Endnote to produce there amazing tool for windows 8 RT + word compatible.

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So…I just played with a Surface RT yesterday…and I was blown away.  I’m planning to buy one later today. I also study/research in Bioengineering, and my main justifier is that I can do all my writing on the surface (rather than lugging around my laptop).  The one caveat is, I won’t be able to do referencing on it.

So I second this push to get Endnote available on Windows RT.  It would make it a powerful academic tool!  Even if, to begin with, there were just a Windows RT app that loads your references in, and allows you to copy/paste the referencing details into Word.  But even better would be if you (Thomson Reuters) could use your considerable influence to get an add-in available for the Word RT app - something that really should become a Uni student essential.

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Windows RT requires software writers to rewrite their code – you will not find much third party support for it.

The Pro surface will work fine – if you want a surface to work with anyone other than MSFT, grab that one instead.

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Thomson Reuters had no problem rewriting code for the iPad. They should do the same for Windows RT.

More users of Windows RT need to request this.

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praying end note for windows rt comes soon!!!

I use Endnote all the time writing scientific reports so a plug-in for Windows RT / Word would be much appreciated!

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Oh gosh this would be so very useful. I wouldn’t mind just an Endnote app by itself for Windows/Surface RT, but imagine if they could have a proper add-in for Word on RT, too. Come on Thomson Reuters, make it so!

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Any updates on this with the 8.1 version of RT right around the corner?

Please!! That would be so useful!! I need this so much!

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The first step is to hope for an iPad like app.

The second step is for end note to lobby Microsoft for the ability to add a plug-in for word 2013 rt… Which is currently not allowed, I believe for battery saving reasons.

Keep the pressure on both end note and Microsoft folks!!

Dear End note.

Please just make the basic Ipad-like app for Surface RT and Surface 2 that allows you to view your references and your PDFs.

I am sure with the massively powerful Tegra K processor that is coming that microsoft will beef up word on ARM to fix the plug in issue.

However, until then, please make an ipad-like application.

Dear all, 

I’m having a seriously hard time understanding why endnote has not been made available as a windows app or android app (just like the rest of you, it would seem!). 

I presume this in effect will mean that in particular academics who has been used to using endnote will now have to work with different reference managers, or simply stay away from all the new technology made available which are particularly suitable for our use, such as the windows tablets or other similarly small tablets where it is possible to get decent keyboards so that they can, in fact, be used for writing lengthier pieces of text when on the go.

It is beyond me! So, please, Thomson Reuter, get things moving! It’s not like we get endnote for free anyway, I’m happy to pay for it, but was rather shocked to see I couldn’t even buy it! 

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Agree with everyone that it is a real shame that there is no Endnote app for the Surface RT. This tablet comes with a full version of the MS Office suite, so is clearly THE ideal vehicle for a mobile referencing tool. This would create a competitive advantage for bith MS and Endnote. The first referencing tool that does work on the Surface RT will get my future business.

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Agreed. I would find an Endnote for the Surface really useful! Given the number of academics using this system it seems like an obvious priority for the next update of Endnote. I’ve even started looking to see if there’s an alternate bibliographical tool which would work on it.

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I just registered to voice my support for an EndNote Windows App, just like for the iPad, or even better, work with MS to make an Addon for Office RT.

Im studying a Master at the University of Southern Denmark, and Surface seems to get more and more popular, i have no statistics, but just in my class we have 5-6 surface computers already. It a great and cheap alternative to a laptop, and can fulfil the needs of most students (even though we lack EndNote). Ive talked to the IT Department and they say that Surface is getting more and more popular, and they’ve seen a huge spike the last couple of months.

Though i can see the problem in making an Windows Store app, 0it could tear into the sales of full EndNote, i think a simple app, with basic functionality would be a great way to promote EndNote as a powerful tool, and you would hit a market of over 100 million Windows 8/RT users.

And also, this topic seems to be the most popular in the product suggestion section of this forum, so i would think that this is the way to go! :slight_smile:

Hope to see or hear anything soon!


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Much like others here I joined to voice my support for an Endnote app for Surface RT.

However, given Microsoft will be ditching RT, and focusing on desktop, Surface Pro, and mobile, I suspect Reuters will not produce the app.

I hope I a wrong. The Surface tablet, like others have said in varios threads on this issue, is supurb. To have Endnote working within it would make life easier.

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I’m a student of university, I start to use endnote from Jan,2014. I was surprised that there is a ipad version existed as ipad could not support a heavy workload on typing or organizing studies. RT is an optimal tool of academic research, it has office suit as well. I suggest endnote could stongly affect the contour of RT devices and make a huge profit by creating RT version.  

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I am devastated that I can’t get my university licensed version of endnote to work on my surface rt. I bought the surface specifically for uni and bought the RT version as the next model isn’t available in Australia until mid-April which was too late for the start of the uni year.

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it’s nice to see so many people supporting the Surface RT and Surface 2.

I disagree with one of the recent posters -

Windows RT is definitely here to stay.  Windows RT and Windows phone will merge.  Windows phone with the next update will be very close to being Windows RT.

Smart companies would develop for windows RT as it is primed for a major mobile offensive, plus the apps will work on the 80 million windows 8 / 8.1 devices.

One thing I would like to note here for folks who want the RT version of EndNote- is that Offcie 2013 RT does not allow any third party addins


"Does Office 2013 RT include the same features as Office Home & Student 2013 and Outlook 2013 on my Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC?

Almost – The Office 2013 RT version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook applications include the vast majority of Office Home & Student 2013 and Outlook 2013 features available on PCs, and nearly all the features most customers use. But because tablets have special needs for security and mobility, a few features are unavailable in Office 2013 RT applications, including macros, add-ins, and other custom programs written by users or developed by third parties."

Keep expressing your intrest in future versions of EndNote you would like to see!


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