no prompt to empty trash

I’m using Endnote X5 and have read that the programme should prompt you to empty trash when library is being closed . Why don’t I get this prompt? My trash is still the same when I reopen library, I can access records in trash and restore them back into the library but something is missing from the records as I cannot find them when I search for them.

Hmmm, good point.  My library no longer asks me what to do with trash and the trash is still there when I open it again.  I do remember once canceling out of that request, cause I wasn’t sure I wanted them deleted, so not sure if something has been permanently set in the registry?  If we don’t get a reply here, we might have to contact tech support. 

I can retrieve a deleted file with no obvious deleterious effects though.  What field were you trying to search on?  (I don’t think search, searches the Trash group though). 

So, what you say is there is a preference set somewhere that I am not aware of. That’s fine.

I have just tried searching for restored records in my library after reading four reply and yes I, too can still find the restored files. I am not sure what I did before. I must admit it took me a while to realise that you can’t search the trash :smiley: .

Thanks for that. Panic is over.

I said maybe there is a setting that neither of us are aware of!