Would you like prevents OS initiated exit

Realistically, Windows requires reboots fairly often, to the extent that they seem routine.  The only thing to do is get them over with.  If I have EndNote open and anything in the Trash, when it gets the OS request to shut down, it asks:

Would you like to empty all records from the Trash?  This cannot be undone.

Of course I would - that’s why I put them in the Trash.  Windows requiring reboots so regularly, I tend to tell it okay (if it bothers to ask), then go for coffee.  It is really annoying to come back 10 minutes later and find the EndNote dialog up still asking me if I’d like the trash emptied.  I say yes, then I have to wait for the reboot.  Windows should 1) not require rebooting so much, 2) be smarter about taking down dialog boxes when it must.  But until monkeys fly, EndNote would be a better citizen if it would time this dialog out, or let me configure the option that I always want the trash emptied.