No reference selection for a Reprinted Essay in an Anthology - APA 6th Ed.

I am using APA 6th Ed. Style, but I’m not sure which reference type to select to input information for a reprinted essay in an anthology book. There is no Reprinted Essay in an Anthology titled tab to select.

The reference should look like this example:

Branscum, D. (2003). Life at High-Tech U. In L. Behrens & L. J. Rosen (Eds.),

Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum (8th ed.) (p. 104). New

York: Longman. (Reprinted from Newsweek, 27 October 1997,

pp. 78-80)


Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks for your help !

I probably would add a custom field to  Book Section reference type (edit preferences, ref type, modify) that contains the whole of the (Reprinted from Newsweek… 78-80) text complete with parenthesis and edit the output style you are using to insert that custom field at the end of the template for Book Section.

–perhaps easier, would be to include that whole of the text in the publisher field.  You might end up with an extra period at the end, but it is a small price to pay!

Longman. (Reprinted from Newsweek, 27 October 1997, pp. 78-80)

Hello Leane,

Unfortunately I can’t tweak the existing publisher section in the reference type because the publisher of the anthology book is referenced there. Also I am going to be using the same book which will contain other reprinted essays from other publications. 

How would I work modify the Book Section or Can I create a new Reprinted Essay in Reference types?


You can always create a new reference type – - but there are some fields in the book sections, translated author, translated title, etc that you might be able to get to work?  Then you would need to tweak the output style to display them correctly?  Not sure what details you can squeeze together.  Also “Ancient text” has a lot of those kind of fields.  Both have “original publication” for example.  

You edit and modify the reference types from the Edit > preferences – Reference Types and then Modify.  there are unused types and - tons of others.  The trick is to copy down what is in one - so you can replicate the common parts in the other.  used to be - you could line them up, but now you can only open one at a time.  That is why I like to add to an existing ref type rather than starting from scratch. 

Hello Leane,

Looks like I have to manipulate the Reprinted Edition section and italicize the title of the original publication because it won’t do it automatically, and add the publication date and page number if one is listed of the original publication in the Reprinted Edition section. Adding the title in the actual Original Publication section will not bring it up in the:

(Reprinted from Newsweek, 27 October 1997,pp. 78-80)

I think manipulating the Book Section is the only thing that I can think of to make citing a reprinted essay in an anthology work.