Non english author citation

Hey All,

does anybody know, how I can cite two authors in the APA 6th style without an “and” in between them, but instead using for example the German “und”?


Chesbrough and Enkel (2010) … ==> Chesbrough und Enkel (2010) …

I don’t know how to change this, as these settings seem to be prefixed.

Thanks for an answer!

Unclear what version of EndNote you’re using but you could edit the citation to omit the author(s) then manually enter: Chesbrough und Enkel.

Thank you.

Problem thereby is, if I change the reference manually, then it will be automatically changed in the library as well (which is what i have to avoid).

I am using Endnote X5.

Thanks for any further help.

Manually editing the in-text citation to show “und” won’t change the library reference.  But besides manually editing an in-text citation you could apply a “global” change so “und” is automatically applied for all citations. Just modify the Citations “Author Lists”* option in the output style by replacing the author separator “&” with “und” (see attached image).

To edit the output style:

  1. Go to the EndNote toolbar, select Edit > Output Styles, Edit APA 6th.

  2. In the APA style window locate “Citations” then click “Author Lists”. In the Author Separators section change “and” to “und”. [Example shows changing the separator only for 1 to 2 authors but can also adjust 3 to 100 authors.]

  3. Close the style to save changes which will be saved as “APA 6th Copy” so adjust EndNote/MSWord to use the new style.