Non-reset for off when citing

Another feature that is frustrating is when highlighting a Pdf then wanting to cite the text.
Firstly there is not cite text feature that allows me to specifically use the section I’ve highlight and cite directly in. Added a insert citation button into the Pdf view would allow speedier citations and and it would be great is a small Mark or notch could be noted near the highlighted to to demonstrate when and which document it was referenced in.
Secondly but probably the most annoying aspect is when using the Pdf to highlight text, when you then select the reference to cite the Pdf has to save, understandable, then returns to the original view proportions and loses the page your working on and reruns you to the original page - you have to then manually go through the paper again to find your spot and this breaks concentration and fluidity.

That subject title makes little sense,

and copying from PDFs is always a challange in any software application.  In the sciences, we rarely cite by a quote, or use cited pages,  so would have little need for this feature.  In fact I would rather my students and colleagues not be able to plagerize quite so easily!  :smiley: