OneNote integration

MS OneNote fulfills a decidededly different purpose than MS Word.  Word is great for authoring formal papers that need to look beautiful, while OneNote is more for brainstorming, recoding random ideas and taking research notes in a flexible format.  However, as the user’s PDF collection expands exponentially sometimes it is nice to jot down in the OneNote workbook a citation to where a thought or idea originated.  The best I can do at the moment is to cut and paste the full citation and abstract, or else I can paste a reference with the author and record ID number as in:  [Smith, 1534].  That is better than nothing, but this is not a hyperlinked format that I can use to navigate to my Endnote library and rapidly access the PDF.

Can’t we get a plugin for OneNote so we can keep it all together?  I don’t even particularly care if the reference is nice looking just so long as it hyperlinks.

The other annoyance is that when opening a large MS Word file containing numerous Endnote links (and many Excel links as well) I get an error message once for each Endnote reference that very helpfully says “Endnote Unknown error”.  Is suspect this is due to memory overload in 32-bit Office applications, but the message is not very helpful!  If Endnote doesn’t know what causes the error how am I supposed to figure it out?

To continue with both OneNote and EndNote at the same time is to put a text beside each note Like below which is the raw form of the entries: {Author, Year #No}, p. #. The first part before “p. #” is what you may very easily generate by clicking on any of the entries inside your EndNote Library and if you copy the same line into MS Word, and click update the citation in the EndNote plugin tab, you will have the item added to the MS word. The last step would be adding the page No. or any other detail to the entry inside MS Word while writing your notes. This might be a hassle if you have already taken many notes but if you are trying to build up your library and Notes, it could be quite efficient. It would have been very nice if EndNote would have made a plugin for OneNote.

Addin for integrate EndNote with OneNote:
Bridge for EndNote and OneNote

Does Bridge for Onenote support “copying” the citations from onenote to word?

for examply, i usually use onenote for keeping my notes, and want to cite stuff at the same time.

but for publishing, i would need to transfer these citations to word. 

Currently, the copy-and-paste method doesn’t seem to work, the onenote link does not transform into a word link to citation. which means that if i want to transfer them to word, i would still have to painfully re-link the citations.

Wonder whether there is a way to do this more elegantly?

I use OneNote and Endnote together. I just right click the reference and choose copy (not copy formatted citation) then paste into onenote. This should paste a temporary citation - the one with curly brackets and the record  number. This way I can always refer back to the reference using the record number but if I copy and paste this text from onenote into word, Endnote formats the temporary citation into a proper citation.