I can't insert a citation nor have a communication between Endnote X1 and Office 2004 for Mac


I just installed Office 2004 for Mac and then installed Endnote X1. I can see my previous libraries in Endnote and can create new ones. In Word I couldn’t get the Endnote X1 submenu in the tools menu straight away. I had to manually select the add-in file, browse for it in the Endnote folder, in the Cite While you Write. It appears now the Endnote X1 submenu in Word tools (also Endnote Web), but when I want to insert a selected reference it displays: Run Time Error ‘5’, Invalid procedure call or argument. Also in Endnote X1 software, after selecting a reference and I intent to insert it to word from there, the Insert citation, or Go back to Word options in the Tools menu, Cite While you Write submenu, it is not possible to select. 

What am I doing wrong? How do I properly make Endnote communicate with Word? Do I need to move the add-ins to another folder? PLEASE HELP!!! 

Any information will be highly appreciated.


If you added the EndNote tools by going to “Tools > Templates and Add-ins” in Word, they will not function correctly.  Got back to Templates and Add-ins and remove the tools you added.  Then close Word and start EndNote.  Go to “EndNote X1 > Customizer”, make sure that Cite While You Write" is checked and click Next.  Then after it has finished, start Word.

If the problem continues you would want to use the steps in this FAQ:


Hi Peter,

thank you for your reply. I did what you said, but didn’t work. Seems that Endote saves the bundle in the startup menu, but from there it does not work. I saved the bundle file in the additional tools folder in Office folder. IT WORKS NOW! thank you so much for your reply :slight_smile:

All the best,