How to search for journal articles?

The only thing I can find is books no matter which database I search in. 

Is it not possible to search for journal articles? Or do I have to import them?


In what field of study?  For the Sciences, PubMed  is best. 

For example Strategic Management or Strategic Entrepreneurship? Which database should I use for that? 

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For example Strategic Management or Strategic Entrepreneurship? Which database should I use for that? 

Those databases are not open access and require the user to subscribe (pay) in order to access the database resources. Are you a university student? If so, your university library may have a subscription which enables members of the university campus (faculty, students, staff) to access various subscription-based online databases free of charge. Your library/librarian may also provide information about: 1) which databases to use (respective to your field and search topic); and 2) how to search and retrieve citations, references, and full-text articles from the online databases, both subscription-based and open access. They may even have Endnote training sessions available on-campus.

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Yes I am a university student and have acces to many of the databases already, but after trying so many different databases, I still end up with books only in the search results. 

It is not a matter of acces, it is a matter of filtering to journal articles in EndNote. How do I do that?

That is a database thing, not an endnote thing.  Some databases are primarily books, other are journal based.  The database needs the tools to target the right resources if the database contains them?  

Just to clarify, you are importing files (e.g., ,txt, .ris) and not direct exporting from an online database? Which import filter are you using? Check* whether the import filter’s default Reference Type setting is set to “Books”.

*Go to the Endnote toolbar, select Edit >Import Filter >Edit (name of the filter your using). In the dialog box, click Reference Type. To change the default setting click the pulldown menu and change the selection to “Journal Articles”. Notes that changes made to the import filter file will be saved to a new file with the word “Copy” added to the file name and should be used in order to implement any changes.

An aggregate subscription-based database to search is Business Source Complete (formerly Business Source Premier). BSC has over 3,800 full-text journals, including nearly 2,000 peer-reviewed journals. Industry reports, market research reports, SWOT analyses, case studies, country economic reports, conference proceedings.

You should also check with the  librarian and overseeing the business collection  or the reference desk for  business-related  online databases you can search.

Thanks Leanne and CrazyGecko